Forex Blog: What are the best days to trade Forex?

The best days to trade Forex

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We already know from previous blogs that the London session is the busiest of all other sessions, but there are also certain days of the week when all markets tend to show more movement.
So, what are the best days of the week and the best time to trade Forex?
Let's look at the full week of negotiations in detail:

Firstly, there is a slow development of the activity from Sunday afternoon to Monday. After that the upward trend accelerates and peaks on Tuesday. A slight decrease in trading volatility occurs on Wednesday, just before another increase the following day. The day with the highest score in terms of volatility is Thursday, followed by Friday.
At around 17:00 GMT on Friday, activity practically ends and the market is inactive until closing at 22:00 GMT for the weekend.
Still wondering what are the best days to trade on Forex?
The answer is simple - in the middle of the week.
Take a look at the table below to see the average variation of pips for the major currency pairs on different days of the week:

 Forex Week Pips Schedule

Best times to negotiate:

  • When two sessions overlap because there is more volatility, and more volatility means more opportunities! These are also the times when major news events come out to potentially trigger some volatility and directional movements.
  • The European session tends to be the busiest of the three.
  • The middle of the week usually shows the biggest movement, with the pip interval widening for most major currency pairs.

Worst moments to negotiate:

  • Sundays - everyone is sleeping or enjoying the weekend!
  • Fridays - liquidity decreases during the latter part of the US session.
  • Holidays - most traders are taking a break.
  • Important news - During important economic events that cause high volatility in a short time, for inexperienced (or even experienced) traders this can cause significant losses in brief moments!

We hope this Blog was useful.
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