Forex Market: 7 Trading Movies You Need to Watch

7 Trading Movies You Need To See

The market is closed, it's weekend, and there's no reason not to be entertained.
So why not watch a good financial thriller or stock market drama during downtime?
Here are some suggestions that may be educational and at least interesting.

Forex Wall Street Movie

A great thriller by Oliver Stone, who coincidentally made the film as a tribute to his father, stock broker Lou Stone. Interestingly, even before the movie was filmed, Stone visited several trading floors and focused on the subtle elements of broker language and the innovation they used. Wall Street is a trader's cult classicwhich revolves around a parent-child relationship and provides the viewer with an accurate representation of the ups and downs that can occur in financial markets.

File Trading Places Forex

This may be the funniest Wall Street movie ever made. The hilariously tale of a drunken and disturbed Santa Claus and a Cameroonian exchange student and an unfortunate ID case involving a gorilla disguise. Trading Places is a scam to the social comment you are trying to make. This movie has definitely stood the test of time - so if you are looking for laughs you will not be disappointed.

Flored Forex Movie

This is a brilliantly executed documentary that revolves around Chicago's futures trading floors. He excels at education factor for several reasons. Firstly, it provides information about futures and trading markets. You will hear many shocking anecdotes and honest comments from respondents. Secondly, the film highlights the real-world issue of the game versus the real deal.
This is a must-have movie for anyone interested in futures or general trading.

Movie Margin Call Forex

What happens when it exceeds your leverage? This movie explains what can happen on a much broader stock market scale. Basically your account can go from 100 to 0 within seconds, when investment firms outnumber leverage and get a margin call.
This movie is almost a horror movie because it exposes how delicate our financial system really is.
In great focus is also the greed and the associated morale loss.
Kevin Spacey brilliantly plays the role of a Head Trader. No matter how deep you are in the negotiation, you need to see this film.

Forex Movie

This movie was made on 1987 during the big market rally. . The film portrays legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones and his company Tudor Investments Shot before the 1987 Wall Street stock market crashTrader analyzes futures trading and the frantic pace of the market during this period. It also highlights the wealth that merchants like Jones accumulated before the epic crash.
The movie is a rarity, but if you can find it, do not hesitate to watch it!

Wall Street Forex logo

This movie is based on the true story of a brilliant but depraved financial expert, Jordan Belfort, who served 22 months for fraud and money laundering.
The narrative is direct and engaging from the first moments. An epic film has reached great proportions. This was undoubtedly one of DiCaprio's best performances in his career. In addition, an Oscar nominee, Jonah Hill, whose performance can easily be compared to DiCaprio, plays a tremendous role.
Perhaps the best-known movie on this list by younger generations, and even the most commercial, but it is still a Classic that has inspired many to become traders.

Big Short Forex Movie

Michael Burry (Christian Bale) is the owner of a midsize business that He decides to invest a lot of money from the coordinating fund by betting that the real estate system in the United States will break down soon. This decision creates complications for investors, as never before had anyone bet against the system and taken advantage.
Knowing these investments, broker Jared Vennett (Ryan Gosling) realizes the opportunity and offers it to his clients. One is Mark Baum (Steve Carell), the owner of a broker who has been facing personal problems since his brother committed suicide. At the same time, two newcomers to the Stock Exchange realize that they can make a lot of money by betting on the housing crisis, and ask for help from a Wall Street guru, Ben Rickert (Brad Pitt), who lives in seclusion.
A movie that I personally highly recommend for its entertaining character.

Remember that it is important to rest and have a calm head and mind before and after forex trading to improve your benefits. Take advantage of market breaks to do something to entertain!
Good trades and good rest!


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