Forex Blog: How to enable notifications in MetaTrader

Enable Notifications in MetaTrader

Getting notifications about your trades is very useful, however not everyone has notifications enabled, many because they don't know how to do it. Notifications are especially useful for users of our services.
This will notify you when a position is opened, closed and when the TP or SL is changed.

First of all you must have Metatrader 4 installed on your desktop or laptop to do this setup. For notifications to work (without VPN) you will need to have your Metatrader running on your computer.

You will, of course, also have to have the Metatrader 4 / 5 App on your phone or tablet. Log in to your App Broker account. You can use a Demo or Real account.

Open Metatrader on your computer, go to Tools -> Options. Then click on the Notifications tab.

Then enter your MetaQuotes ID in the text box.
To get your ID, go to your mobile device and open the Metatrader App.

Tap the Settings tab at the bottom and tap Messages. You will see a list of your messages and your MetaQuotes ID will be at the bottom. 

Then just take this ID and put it in the text box in the Metatrader of your computer.
You can add multiple IDs, separated by a comma.
Finally click OK and the setup is done.
Be sure to click the Test button that can be found in front of the text box where you enter the ID to test it before you start using it.

After setting each time an alert goes off on your computer, you will receive a notification on your mobile device.

PS: It is important to mention again that this way you will only receive notifications when your Desktop Metatrader is open. To receive notifications even if the Desktop is turned off using a VPN).
I leave here the link to the explanatory video of the whole process described above: Video Here

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