Forex Market Time

24 / 5 - Forex Trading

The Forex Market works 24 hours a day for 5 days a week

Sunday night (22: 00 GMT), financial markets open in the Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Japan and various Asian countries). As they begin to close, markets in the Middle East and Europe begin to open (08: 00 GMT - London). When Europe is halfway through the session, the financial markets of the Americas begin to open (15: 00 GMT - NewYork). This pattern continues until Friday's 22: 00 GMT, when US financial markets close.
for the weekend. This is why Forex is a global market.

Who trades in the Forex market?


Forex Bank

Banks, investment funds, small and large traders move the 24 / 5 market

The institutions that operate in the Forex Market have as their main objective to make profits. Forex is a market that operates Trillions of USD in volume and 95% of transactions are made by these institutions, only 5% are travelers transactions (foreign exchange market).    


Currency Exchange airport forex

In an airport it is usual to find these "kiosks"
foreign exchange market

Unbeknownst to you, you are likely to have traded while traveling… From the moment you already had to exchange your country's currency for example Euro (EUR), for the currency of the country you were traveling to eg Pound Sterling (GBP). Doing without any interest in making profits.

Forex Market Hours



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