What is the FOREX market?

The international currency market, called FOREX or FX, is a global trading system for different currencies. With a daily turnover of over 5,3 trillion $, it is the largest and most dynamic market in the world. At the same time, the FOREX market works under extremely simple rules. If you sell 100 euros to buy dollars at an airport exchange office while waiting for your flight, or if a large bank sells 100 million $ in Japanese yen to another bank, both are Forex deals. There is a notion that this is the closest place to the term “perfect market”. All players in the market - from individual investors to the largest banks and professional investors, trade on equal terms, have access to the same information and offer unlimited liquidity throughout the market - you can always buy and sell, and there are no restrictions on entering or leaving the market.

How do you determine the signals?

Our team is comprised of professional traders and analysts with over ten years of experience who have gone through thousands of trading situations. We are daily exploring FOREX trading conditions and determining an overview of the results by combining some fundamental technical analysis. Once discovered, the market opportunity is instantly applied to our customers' account. Our Market Signs and ideas are speculative and some differences between our forecasts and the market itself can be found. Trading with currency pairs is quite risky, as you probably know. All customers who make the decision to use our Signs should be aware of this and take responsibility for their own actions.

What are Forex Signals?

Forex signals are essentially trading ideas indicating market trends in real time, ie the best time to buy or sell.
Trading signals are used by amateur and professional traders.

Do I need trading experience to invest?

No, it is not necessary to have experience, that is our role. The service we offer is good for those looking for a great investment for extra income or for those looking to diversify their portfolio.

What does the Sinais Forex can you do to help me?

A Sinais Forex Provides a high quality service, aimed at both beginners and active traders. The service is efficient and greatly simplified, making it affordable and an essential tool that will surely earn you more than you ever expected to earn as a trader, as it is automated trading by professionals with years of experience in this market.

Why should I create a brokerage account recommended by you?

One of the most important, or perhaps most important, steps is to choose the right broker for you. Our goal is to ensure the safety of our clients and their funds. To ensure this, we are close partners of recommended broker. We chose this brokerage firm because we concluded that it has the best conditions and those that best fit our way of working, and is used by all the professionals in our team.

I already have a trading account. How can I benefit from your services?

It is always important as an investor to diversify your portfolio, whether it is investing in different markets or having your assets in different brokerages, and in this case with a copy trading service. You must create an account with our Recommended Broker to try our service. Our trading signals and ideas are optimized to work with our partner brokers, so after the trial period, if you decide to join our services, you will need to open an account with recommended broker.

After subscribing, how should I proceed?

After subscribing you should wait for a member of our team to contact you at (+351920528523) Please note that on the registration form we ask for a valid mobile number registered with the Whatsapp App, and it is essential that you have the App and provide us with this. number with the country code (eg +55). This will be the main means of contact between the Sinais Forex After a brief discussion with a member of our team, we will immediately set up your account to begin the process of automating your Sinais Forex.

What time and GMT are Trades performed?

Trades are performed whenever a business opportunity is identified by our analysts. Because it is an automatic 100% service, you will not have to worry about the time when positions are posted.

What are the results of your services?

You can view the results of our investor accounts for both services on MyFxBook. 
You can find the link to the recipients in the menu. Results.

How much is the minimum amount I can invest in Forex?

It always depends on the minimum conditions that the broker you select has. We advise to invest a minimum of 1000 €
This is also the minimum amount to join our services.

Is it risky to invest in the Forex Market?

Investing in Forex Exchange Market is risky, it is an extremely volatile market where furnaces are made and lost in a matter of minutes. The main reason for failure is the desire of traders who want to take higher risks to get more money in the short term. Our advice is to be careful when it comes to investments: the more careful you are, the better you predict the risks and increase the chances of success. Hence we apply a strategy that aims at sustainable growth of its capital and low risk, however the client can decide the level of risk that he wants to apply.

Can I reconcile work / studies with Forex trading?

Forex means Freedom. Freedom to do it wherever and whenever you want.
For our service, we take the previous words to the letter, and our customers will be able to focus on their tasks while negotiations are automatically generated. The only concern our clients have to have is making deposits, withdrawals and tracking the results.