Results for the Month of April (Real Customer Account)

April 5, 2021

Monthly Results for April High Frequency Trading System

1st April to 3rd May - Forex Signals

The HFT (High Frequency Trading) system can be used as a standard account for higher funds and as a Cent account for lower funds.

We will use a real client account (CENT) as a reference.
You can see the Login details of the Demo account in the Results menu if you have registered on the site.

- The account 4364495 used as past demo account was terminated by the brokerage company (with 96% profit) after the 45 days of activity due to their policies.
- We consider the results until 3rd May, Monday, because that's when they closed the positions of Friday 29th April).
- A withdrawal of 1300usd was made by the client followed by a deposit of the same amount (as can be seen in the ScreenShot presented at the end of the article).

That being said we present the results of the HFT system on a real Client account:

Initial Capital (1st April): 1400USD - 140,000$ (CENT Account) (+400usd broker bonus)

Capital on 3rd May: 2916.32USD - 291,631.55$ (Cent Account) (not including 400usd broker bonus)

Leverage: 1:1000
Trading Pairs : EUR/USD

Current Balance (3 May): 3311.71$ USD - 331,171.55$ (CENT Account) (including the +400usd (40,000 in Cent account) bonus from the broker).

Capital Variation: Profit +$1516.32 (+$151,631.55 Cent Account)
Percentage Variation: +108.3%

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