HFT System Results (4/16 to 4/23)

April 5, 2021

High Frequency Trading System Results

April 16 to April 23 - Forex Signals

The HFT (High Frequency Trading) system can be used as a standard account for higher funds and as a Cent account for lower funds.

We will use the demo account (CENT) as a reference.
You can check your login details in the Results menu if you have registered on the site.

Initial Capital (March 24): 1000USD - 100,000$ (CENT Account)
Capital as of April 16: 1233.36USD - 123,336$ (Cent Account)
Leverage: 1:1000
Trading P airs: EUR/USD

Current Balance (Apr 23rd): 1489.39$ USD - 148, 939.16$ (CENT Account)

No. of Trades: 1824
Positions Won: 67%
Average Trading Time: 5h 57m
Lots: 496
Profit Factor: 2.62
Daily: 1.34%
Monthly: 47.67%
Max DrawDown: 22%

Variation: Profit +$256.03 (+$25,603.16 Cent Account)

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